The Department of Organic Chemistry is one of the oldest in the country. It has played an important part in establishing the Institute’s reputation. The faculty and students of the Department have provided outstanding leadership in science, education, industry and public service and have won countrywide recognition for their achievements in research.

It was inaugurated in 1911 as part of the Department of General Chemistry with J. J. Sudborough as it’s first Chairman. Subsequently, when it was felt that the practice of instruction and research in Organic Chemistry reached a stage of independence and maturity, the Department of Organic Chemistry was created. Afterwards the Department flourished through the services of John Simonsen and Morris Travers, two of the most eminent chemists of that era. The traditions laid down by these reputed personalities were maintained by successive Chairmen like P.C. Guha and D.K. Banerjee. The pride in the tradition of Organic Chemistry in the Department has been shared between generations of researchers, such as Sukh Dev, D. K. Banerjee, S. C. Bhattacharyya etc, a number of whom have been alumni of the Department and pioneers in academia, industry and government organizations around India.