Abstract: Cost effectiveness and step economy are some of the points which always considered by organic chemists. In this direction, C-H bond activation and functionalization reactions provides best step economy for reaching to the target products. However, usages of precious metals, limitation of directing groups (DGs) or coupling partner and sometimes process of C-H activation itself pinches to organic chemistry scientists. To deal with the specified problems, the recent works have been started to replace expensive metals, usages of metal-organic co-operative catalysts, formation and cleavage of multiple bonds via C-H or C-C bond activation, utilization of transient/distal DGs, looking forward for induction of chirality through C-H bond functionalization. And altogether, these concept takes us to the next level in C-H bond activation reactions. This presentation will provide a great attention on the recent advances to get rid of all the above disclosed concerns and address about upcoming prospects.


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